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At Jamie Morison Designs, we take pride in the superior quality

of our work.

We create personal spaces for friends and families - places where people can go to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

We partner with independent contractors of integrity to complete exceptional work.

Envision new possibilities with us!

Quality and integrity are two words that describe the "Scottish potting shed style", of Jamie Morison Design's. Predominantly utilitarian in taste, our independent "thinking rooms", bring comfort to those by serving as a refuge from the clatter of everyday life as well as to serve as a private office, studio space for the creative mind or industrious entrepreneur. 

The landscape design is classically based, yet contemporary in taste. It is inspired by the beautiful garden and courtyard designs in France, Italy and Great Britain all the while maintaining the sense of openness and practicality of North America.

Jamie Morison Design's, project and construction management, utilizes craftsmen and tradesmen that she has worked with for many years. As well, she has designed a number of products and accessories to compliment her concept of the "thinking room", which serves to create a sense of uncomplicated living.

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