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Top Tips for Landscape and Interior Design

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Provide Your Landscape With Year-Round Interest

Make sure you create something of interest for each of the four seasons. This should include interesting twigs of different colours especially in Winter.

Plant In Odd Numbers and Group Colours

Never plant in even numbers as it lacks complexity in its composition and is unsettling to the eye. As well, group colours and species to create a dramatic effect. Introducing too many colours creates confusion as the eye is unsure where it should rest.

Layer Your Planting Beds

Layer your planting beds in 3 rows: a back row (facing north preferably) with the tallest plants, a middle row with the next tallest and a front row composed of your shortest plants. Use repetition, both in the planting bed and elsewhere in your yard, to provide unity.

Incorporate Hardscape into Your Landscape Design

Don't restrict your landscaping to plants; include hardscape features. Evergreens provide structure in winter; walls and fences make an essential design statement, as they frame your property. 

Install Water Features

Good landscape designs are anchored by focal points. One of the most effective is to use water features. Make sure you hire the right expert for the right job. Stone masons are experts when working with stone and pond maintenance crew experts in maintaining the delicate ecosystem to host fish and plants, both are necessary to create a water feature that you will be happy with. A creative designer will ensure that you are getting the type of pond (plants vs fish) that you are hoping for. There is a lot more involved than simply digging a hole, placing stones and filling it with water. Many individuals find themselves redoing a pond soon after they have created it because they have not received enough information about how they function.

Don't Forget the Foliage!

Flowers are great, but don't forget the characteristics of a plant's foliage. In landscape design, varying foliage textures and colors help to add depth and interest to your yard.

Keep It Simple

You can follow all the above landscaping tips and still not be happy with your yard if you do not plan carefully. Beautiful or not, you'll resent your creation if it causes you too much work. Unless you don't mind spending hours each weekend on upkeep, plan your design for low maintenance and maximum pleasure.

Indoor Spaces

What Is Your Goal For This Space

How do you hope to feel when you are in this space? Is this a place that you wish to relax or a place where you will feel inspired to create or get routine tasks done. This spot should be your refuge where you can be sure to accomplish what you need in the midst of an organized setting.

Be Thrifty

How can you achieve your goal in the least costly way, in the most efficient way, and by using quality materials and craftsmanship? Plan wisely.

Maximizing Usage

What time of the day or season will you be using this area the most? When do you need this space to benefit you the most? A firey red is a beautiful colour indeed, but it may be difficult to wake up to if mornings are especially tough for you. Likewise, a pale blue in a Northern facing room may seem cold and look almost white on a Winter night when you want to curl up in with a good book and feel warm and toasty.


Will this space simplify my life in some way and add value to my day? A space is not worthwhile to have if you cannot use it and maintain it easily. If you are constantly worried about damaging it or the ongoing costs to maintain it, it is not worth it. Functional design which is beautiful is imperative.

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